Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just Call me The Winner

I got an email from that horrible hosting site, Siteground, this morning. They're giving me a full refund.

Oh yeah.

I can be a pain in the tuckus when I want to be and I have been a royal pain to that company for the last three days.

Here's the deal. I've been having template issues. On both my fantasy/sci-fi sites I've had people complain that they can't read my posts because the template hasn't been loading. This has been an ongoing problem I've had with Blogger. Whenever they tweak their site, my blogs get all wonky, people get frustrated and stop visiting. I hate that. I'm not one of your funny bloggers, but I do try to write decent reviews and stuff like that. I put a fair amount of time into them since I have several publishers who have been kind enough to send me free books. I like to live up to the promises I make.

So anyway. I was looking at setting up a Wordpress site. I was hoping that if I set up a blog that has it's own host it wouldn't be in danger of being messed with by a company that it always trying to "improve" its product. But I know very little about setting up a domain and all that. I spent at least a day looking at hosting sites and realized I didn't want to pay over $100 to set up a site I might not want after a month or so. So I opted for a hosting site that didn't require me to pay at least 3 months in advance.

Turns out that wasn't as smart as I thought.

I found Siteground after cruising around and it seemed like a good offer. They showed a whole bunch of Wordpress templates that they offered and they would allow me to pay month to month. Sounded good. So, silly me, I signed up.

I took me less than an hour to realize that Siteground was totally unworkable. First, I couldn't find any Wordpress templates. They had some stupid thing called Sitebuilder that I couldn't even access. When I finally got a technician to help me out (by email, they don't do live technical assistance) I realized that the templates they had were awful. Mostly generic business stuff. So I went to cancel the account. Only when you cancel you have to click on a button that says you agree to certain fee's to cancel. Bullshit set-up fees. Not knowing what else to do, I went ahead and clicked on the cancel button knowing that I was going to dispute the fees since I never set anything up.

What followed was a bunch of back and forth between me and the company. They weren't going to return my payment no matter what. It was in the terms and agreements that I was to pay the fees and that was that.

Yeah right.

I told them that since they didn't offer what they promised (templates, bandwidth, service-- all a joke) that the terms and agreements were not valid. You can't hold me to an agreement when you don't hold up your end. They said nope, you gotta pay.

Oh no no no. I am a tenacious little bugger when I want to be. So I told them I was filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and then I told them when I did. I didn't know if it would do any good, but I felt better after filing a complaint.

This morning I got an email from a supervisor saying that while I should have to pay the fees, they were still going to give me a full refund.

I'm thinking the BBB got back to them fairly quickly.

But I feel vindicated.

It's a little thing. The fees weren't going to break me. But I'm a principle-of-the-thing kind of person. I think this company over-promises on its offers knowing that people will quit the service but end up stuck with the fees. I'm sure they make most of their money on the volume of fees they collect. I also suspect that most people don't complain because they don't think the small amount they're charged is worth the trouble. But I disagree. If I think someone is trying to pull one over on me, I get riled up.

But I feel good now. I honestly didn't think I was going to get any money back. When I complained to the BBB I saw about 11 other complaints against the company, 8 of which had not been resolved. I didn't think that was good odds. But who knows, maybe the company didn't want anymore scrutiny. If you could call it a company. I think it's a boiler-room set-up in an apartment somewhere. Seriously.

So now I'm in a good mood and I've set up a contest at my other blogs. Just click on the icons to the right of the page to check them out. I'm giving away some books and I'll send them anywhere in the world if you want them. I believe in karma, so if I give to you I will receive good karma back.

Oh oh oh. I just remembered a good karma moment. I left my wallet at a store last week. Stupid I know. But guess what? They called me and told me that a customer brought the wallet up to the counter. I went to get it, and it had everything in it. Not a thing missing.

Restores my faith in humanity.

I'm going to keep on giving away books.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Don't use Siteground! Ever!

I've been trying all day to get a Wordpress site set up and made the bad mistake of signing on to a service called Siteground. They suck! I can't figure out how to use it at all and there is no live technical assistance. I decided to cancel and they're going to stick it to me with $50 worth of fees even though I haven't even set up a site.

Don't use Siteground ever!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Old Template not Working

Gah! I'm so frustrated.

Saturday, August 09, 2008


The Olympics are here.

I love them. I watch them all the time. I will be of no use to anyone for about the next two weeks.

Children? What children?